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Beat Cancer, Your Goal and Ours

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Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

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Our Society was established in May 1997. The Society is an academic body of specialists in Palliative Medicine. Members consist of local medical practitioners and other health care professionals who are interested in Palliative Medicine.  Read more

Dying is a natural process and we do not hasten death or postpone it.

Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine

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The School is committed to protecting and enhancing health for all people, through the synthesis of state-of-the-science research, the dissemination of knowledge through education and training and effective evidence-based public health advocacy.   Read more

The University of Hong Kong 

School of Public Health

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The Hong Kong Cancer Institute was established in 1990 to focus activities related to cancer and its problems. Its specific purposes are to coordinate, promote and organize activities relating to the prevention and treatment of cancer; to promote and provide training in cancer research; to educate the public on methods of prevention and the early treatment of cancer; to improve the welfare of cancer patients; and to organize seminars, workshops and conferences for advancing its objectives.

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Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Cancer Institute

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The Hong Kong Hospice Nurses' Association was established in 1997 by a group of hospice nursing course graduates and pioneers in hospice nursing, with the aim of uniting hospice nurses and promote hospice development. Our slogan is


For Hospice Care, We Join. In United Spirit, We Stride.   

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For Hospice Care, We Join. In United Spirit, We Stride.

Hong Kong Palliative Nursing Association

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