HKOMSC combines education, research, and service to improve quality of life for people affected by acute, chronic, and serious illness.  We touch humans to reduce their pain, ease their anxiety and introduce comfort into the experience of illness.



HKOMSC provides massage therapy to pediatric and adult oncology patients and others affected by serious and life-limiting conditions in many different clinical settings.   We work in direct partnership with the medical teams at these facilities, focusing on decreasing pain, managing symptoms and bringing greater comfort to people living with advanced disease and those at the end of life.




Education improves quality of life.  We provide education, training and increased awareness about the value of massage therapy for people living with acute, chronic and terminal illness to health professionals, the community and integrative therapy practitioners.

HKOMSC also offers a variety of courses in Oncology Massage and other aspects of clinical practice in hospital and classroom settings in Hong Kong.  HKOMSC provides basic and advanced education in oncology massage with courses designed to serve practitioners at all levels in a variety of settings.  The members of our instructor team all work actively in oncology and clinical massage and work together to create and deliver courses that prepare therapists to support a broad spectrum of medically complex clients and patients.

HKOMSC Presents provides a variety of lectures and courses in partnership with leaders in the fields of massage therapy, healthcare, compassionate care of the dying and other related areas.  Some are intended for experienced massage therapists.  Some are intended for the medical and clinical community.  Some are intended for the community at large.


HKOMSC has plans to establish partnerships universities, clinics and hospitals to conduct studies to measure the effect of massage therapy on mitigation of side effects related to cancer treatment and other serious illnesses and conditions in both the pediatric and adult populations.

Our goal is to demonstrate the ability of massage therapy to measurably improve outcomes for patients through clinically sound, replicable methods.

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